357 magnum rifles for deer hunting

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A .357 Magnum self-loader is pretty interesting. The .357 Magnum in its full-power loading is a powerful loading with excellent wound ballistics. The Coonan really shines as a field and hunting handgun for those that appreciate an instant second shot and the fast handling of the 1911 design.
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This collection of Marlin .45-70 Rifles are hard-hitting, big game-dropping powerhouses. Available in various finishes and textures ranging from black walnut to laminated hardwood. Whether you prefer stainless steel or a polished blued finish, Marlin has the .45-70 rifle you're looking for.
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The old-timers at deer camp that fall handled my new purchase with genuine admiration, collectively nodding their approval. "Great little brush gun you And while most of the dyed-in-the-wool hunters who made up our motley deer gang gave up their pumps and semi-autos as bolt-action rifles and...Mar 28, 2019 · "Hunting guns for Alabama is kind of a misnomer, because they would work anywhere else. The calibers of .270 Winchester, .30-06 and 7mm Magnum are all traditional whitetail calibers. Aug 16, 2014 · Deer Hunting with a .357 Magnum Rifle. The .357 Magnum chambered rifle is an interesting gun for deer hunting purposes. A century or so ago the use of one cartridge in both a rifle and handgun was common. A cowboy, lawman, or outlaw could hit the trail with a lever action rifle as well as a revolver in .32-20 Winchester, .44-40 Winchester or other similar cartridges and not have to worry about keeping their ammunition separated.
Hillman is one of the most innovative companies focused only in production of hunting clothes and accessories.Last year was Ohio's first deer hunt with legal pistol caliber rifles. . 357 is very popular. From the revolver you are limited to pretty close range, but the added 300-400fps in rifle is effective at most practical off hand open sight distances.I hunted with a .357 Marlin this past season and I really enjoyed hunting with that gun. It was very light and short and easy to swing around and A buddy of mine used a 357 mag rifle for a deer for quite a while and was very successful. It makes a very nice lightweight package when covering long distances.
I've shot deer with the .357 Magnum and with the Maximum....they're all dead deer....what's the point? New to reloading, and trying to select between a .357 revolver or .41, mix of plinking and close range deer hunting. Anyway, I see that .357 in heavy loads develops terrific chamber pressures...
Nov 02, 2019 · We will recommend you to get it.357 Mag for home defense and for hunting small games, whereas you can use a .44 Mag for bigger games and when you need a shot that is much more powerful. Also, if you want a firearm that is concealed, then we will recommend you to get the .357 Mag as it can fit smaller bullets and you can use it in firearms that you can hide. "I think he used it for hunting deer." he said. It's a Dan Wesson, so it does has the DW trademark interchangeable barrels. ".357 Magnum - This is a revolver cartridge adequate for shooting deer to about 50 yards. A great all-around handgun cartridge, but a poor choice for deer rifles, since the...Nov 16, 2014 · Not to mention the power, yet manageable recoil only a .357 magnum can provide. An absolute pleasure to shoot. Now to the stats: a 7 round .357 Magnum, weight of 28.8 ounces, a height of 5.4" and a width of 1.531", trigger is double action/single action and includes a hammer transfer bar for additional safety, the barrel is 4" long and ported ...
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